Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer 

Brand: TA Instruments
Model: Q 800 DMA

Q 800 Dynamic Mechanical analyzer DMA (TA Instruments) measures the mechanical properties of solid polymer samples with different parameters: temperature, time, frequency, force or strain; measurement of storage and loss modulus, Tg and other transitions.

Modes of operation:

  • Multi-Frequency – used to study the glass transition and secondary transitions of polymers, related to their impact resistance and other end-use properties.
  • Multi-Stress/Strain - frequency and temperature are constant, and the viscoelastic properties are monitored as strain or stress is varied. This mode is primarily used to identify the linear viscoelastic range of material.
  • Creep/Stress Relaxation – With creep, the stress is held constant and deformation is monitored as a function of time. In stress relaxation, the strain is held constant and the stress is monitored vs. time.
  • Controlled Force/Strain Rate - Temperature is held constant while stress or strain is ramped at a constant rate. This mode is used to generate stress/strain plots and obtain Young’s Modulus.