Polimer Synthesis

Polymer SynthesisPolymer Synthesis

Facilities for state-of-the art controlled polymer synthesis (ATRP, SET-LRP) and click chemistry techniques in order to generate novel, functional polymeric materials for membrane applications.



Buchi High Pressure Reactor Buchi High Pressure Reactor

High Pressure Reactor (Buchi) is used for polymerization and catalytic reaction. Midiclave is fitted with thermostats, mass flow, pressure controllers and electronic system to allow control of reaction parameters. This set-up has maximum 1 L volume and is able to operate at high pressure (up to 200 bar) and high temperature (up to 200°C).

The nitrogen Dry Box is a completely enclosed chamber, which is used  for synthesis and sample preparation under controlled atmosphere. Inert gases like Argon, Nitrogen, and Plasma are easily maintained.