Taghreed Jalal, PhD

PhD Student
SABIC​​​​​​​, Saudi Arabia​

Research Interests

Modifications on polymeric membrane materials for different applications like ultrafiltration.
Post treatment of polymeric membranes for organic solvent resistant membrane applications like pervaporation.

Selected Publications

Reactive phase inversion for manufacture of asymmetric poly (ether imide sulfone) membranes
T.A. Jalal, I.D.C. Prada, R. Tayouo, E.P. Giannelis and S.P. Nunes
Reactive & Functional Polymers, 85, 1-10 (2014)


  • BSc, Chemistry, KAU, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 2003
  • MSc, KAU, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 2012

Professional Profile

2012: Research Chemist, SABIC, CRI-KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

KAUST Affiliations

Division of Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering (BESE)