Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Christopher Waldron
    ​DOW​, Saudi Arabia​
    Research Interests: Polymers, Membranes, Polymer Functionalization, Controlled Polymerization
  • Postdoc at University of Wyoming​, USA​
    Research Interests: Water Treatment, Membrane Science and Technology, Nanotechnology
  • ARA​MCO, Saudi Arabia​​
    Research Interests: Materials development
  • Dr. Jingli Xu
    ​​Faculty at Xuchang University, China​
    Research Interests: Microfiltration by ceramic membrane, Reverse osmosis, Membrane distillation, Desalination
  • ​Faculty at Ho Chi Mihn University, Vietnam​
    Research Interests: Fouling, Pressure-Retarded Osmosis, Forward Osmosis, Membrane design
  • Research Scientist, KAUST, Saudi Arabia​
    Research Interests: Membrane emulsification, Membrane Dehumidification, Hollow Fiber Membranes, Pervaporation, Membrane distillation

PhD Student

  • Postdoc at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), Japan

    Research Interests: Isoporous Membranes, Block Copolymers, Biomimetic Membranes
  • ARA​MCO​​, Saudi Arabia​
    Research Interests: Isoporous Membranes, Block Copolymers, Self-Assembly
  • ​Postdoc at Twente University, Netherlands​​​
    Research Interests: Polymers, Polymer Membranes, Hollow Fiber Membranes
  • ​Postdoc at Zhejiang University and Ningbo Water Meter Co. 
    Research Interests: Forward Osmosis, Hydrophilic, Membrane Geometry, Support Layer
  • ​Postdoc at OIST, Okinawa, Japan​​​
    Research Interests: Self-Assembly, Block Copolymers, Thermodynamics of polymer solution, Polymer Modeling
  • Research Interests: Self-Assembly, Block Copolymers, Ionic liquid, Hydrogen bonding
  • ​DOW​​​​​, Saudi Arabia​
    Research Interests: Anti-fouling, Membrane fabrication, Membrane characterization, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Water Treatment
  • SABIC​​​​​​​, Saudi Arabia​
    Research Interests: Pervaporation, Solvent resistance membrane, Membrane design, Ultrafiltration
  • ​Postdoc at University of Minnesota
    Postdoc at Temple University, USA​​
    Research Interests: Membrane Development, Polymer Synthesis, Self-Assembly, Block Copolymers

Research Scientist

  • ​Manager at SAS Nouvelle Sograta, France​
    Research Interests: Polymer Synthesis

Masters Student

  • ​Luxottica, Italy
    Research Interests: Isoporous Membranes, Membranes for medical applications
  • AR​AMCO​, Saudi Arabia
    PhD student, Paris Tech, France
    Research Interests: Membrane Science and Technology
  • Wiche Sustentabilidad​, Chile​
    Research Interests: Environmental engineering

Research Group Staff

  • Carolina Cuevas Mendoza
    Research consultant​
    Research Interests: Polymer Membranes, Carbon Nanotubes, MECs, Membranes for medical applications