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  • Porous polyoxadiazole membranes for harsh environment
    H. Maab and S.P. Nunes
    J. Membrane Sci. 445, 127-134, (2013)
Membranes, Porous polyoxadiazole membranes
  • Selective separation of similarly sized proteins with tunable nanoporous block copolymer membranes
    X. Qiu, H. Yu, M. Karunakaran, N. Pradeep, S.P. Nunes, K.V. Peinemann
    ACS Nano 7, 768-776, (2013)
Block copolymer membranes, Self-assembly, Phase separation, Selective protein separation, Quaternization
  • Fabrication of electrospun nanofibrous membranes for membrane distillation application
    L. Francis, H. Maab, A. Alsaadi, S. Nunes, N. Ghaffour, G. L. Amy
    Desalination and Water Treatment, 51, 7-9, 1337-1343, (2013)
Electrospinning, Nanofibers, Membrane distillation, Water vapor flux
  • Self-assembly in casting solutions of block copolymer membranes
    D. Marques, U. Vainio, N.M. Chaparro, V. M. Calo, A.R. Bezahd, J. Pitera, K.-V. Peinemann and S.P. Nunes
    Soft Matter 9 (23), 5557- 5564, (2013)
Charge-mosaic, Self-assembly, Block copolymers, Membranes
  • From charge-mosaic to micelle self-assembly: block copolymer membranes in the last 40 years
    S.P. Nunes and A. Car
    Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 52 (3), 993-1003, (2013)
Charge-mosaic, Self-assembly, Block copolymers, Membranes
  • Self-assembled block copolymer membranes: from basic research to large scale manufacturing
    S.P. Nunes, A.Behzad, K.V. Peinemann
    J. Materials Research  28, 2661-2665, (2013)
Block copolymers, Self-assembly
  • A Hybrid Microbial Fuel Cell Membrane Bioreactor with a Conductive Ultrafiltration Membrane Biocathode for Wastewater Treatment
    L. Malaeb, K. V. Katuri, B. E. Logan, H. Maab, S.P. Nunes, P. E. Saikaly
    A Hybrid Environ. Sci. Technol., 47, 11821–11828, (2013)
Membranes, Bioreactor, Conductive Ultrafiltration
  • Complexation-Tailored Morphology of Asymmetric Block Copolymer Membranes
    P. Madhavan, K.V. Peinemann, S.P. Nunes
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 5, 7152–7159, (2013)
Hydrogen bond, Self-assembly, Membranes, Block copolymers
  • Block Copolymer Hollow Fiber Membranes with Catalytic Activity and pH-Response
    R. Hilke, N. Pradeep, P. Madhavan, U. Vainio, A. Behzad, R. Sougrat, S.P. Nunes, K.V. Peinemann
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 5, 7001–7006, (2013)
Block copolymer, Self-assembly, Membrane, Hollow fiber, Filtration, Catalysis
  • Polyazole hollow fiber membranes for direct contact membrane distillation
    H. Maab, A. Al Saadi, L. Francis, S. Livazovic, N. Ghafour, G. L. Amy and S.P. Nunes
    ACS Ind. Eng. Chem. Research, 52, 10425–10429, (2013)
Membranes, Fiber, Membrane Distillation