Principal Investigator

Suzana Pereira Nunes, PhD, FRSC

​​Professor, Chemical and Environmental Science and Engineering,

Head of the Nanostructured Polymeric Membrane Lab​​​

Research Interest: Self-Assembly, Biomimetic Membranes, Polymer science, Thermodynamics of polymer solution, Materials development, Membranes

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD Student

Ainur Sabirova

Research Interest: Membrane design, Membrane fabrication

Banan Alhazmi

PhD Student

Eyad Qasem

Phd Student

Gheorghe Falca

Ph.D Student

Research Interest: Nanofiltration, Membranes, Polymer Membranes, Hollow Fiber Membranes

Rebecca Esposito

PhD Student

Sandra Aristizabal

PhD Student

Research Interest: Polymer Membranes, Polymer Synthesis

Research Scientist

Stefan Chisca, PhD

Research Scientist

Research Interest: Polymer Synthesis, Solvent resistance membrane, Biomimetic Membranes

Valentina Musteata, PhD

Research Scientist

Research Interest: Block copolymer membranes, Membrane characterization