Abaynesh Y. Gebreyohannes, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow




Postdoctoral Researcher @ Prof. Vankelecom Group
KU Leuven - Leuven, Belgium

Postdoctoral Research @Prof. Giorno Group
Italian National Council, Institute for Membrane Technology-ITM-CNR-Rende (CS), Italy

Doctor of Philosophy: Phd In Bioscience Engineering, Chemical Environmental Engineering and Materials, 02/2015
KU Leuven, University of Paul Sabatier, UNICAL – Leuven (Belgium), Toulouse (France), Rende (Italy)

Dissertation: Development of Integrated Membrane Process for Food Waste Valorization.
Awarded: Multiple Doctorate from three different universities as Erasmus Mundus Doctoral Program

Master of Science: Environmental Sanitation, 09/2010
Gent University – Gent

Bachelor of Science: Chemical Engineering, 07/2006
Bahir Dar University – Bahir Dar, Ethiopia


Research Interests Keywords

Fouling Hollow Fiber Membranes Membrane Dehumidification Membrane characterization Membrane fabrication