Suzana Pereira Nunes, PhD, FRSC

Principal Investigator

​​Professor, Chemical and Environmental Science and Engineering,

Head of the Nanostructured Polymeric Membrane Lab​​​


Research Interest

Development of new polymeric materials for membrane manufacture with application in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, protein separation, clean energy and water.​


  • Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Mainz, Germany, 1985-1986
  • Ph.D., University of Campinas, Brazil, 1985
  • MSc, University of Campinas, Brazil, 1983
  • BSc, Technological Chemistry, University of Campinas, Brazil, 1981
  • BSc, Chemistry, University of Campinas, Brazil, 1980

Professional Profile

  • Associate Dean, Division of Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering at KAUST 2012-2017
  • Head of Department of Membranes for Sustainable Energy and Researcher, Helmholtz Research Center, Geesthacht, Germany 1997-2009
  • Associate Professor, University of Campinas, Brazil 1992-1997
  • Assistant Professor University of Campinas, Brazil 1987-1992
  • Visiting Scientist Max-Planck fur Polymerforschung 1988
  • Visiting Scientist Tokyo Institute of Technology 1990

Scientific and Professional Membership

  • Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
  • North American Membrane Society (NAMS)
  • European Membrane Society (EMS)
  • American Chemical Engineering (AIChE)
  • Materials Research Society (MRS)


  • Felllow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK
  • Associate Member of the Sao Paulo Academy of Science
  • Humboldt Fellow (1985-1986)

KAUST Affiliations

  • Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering Division (BESE)

Non-KAUST Affiliations

  • Member of the Advisory Board of the Barrer Center, Imperial College

Research Interests Keywords

Self-Assembly Biomimetic Membranes Polymer science Thermodynamics of polymer solution Materials development Membranes