Nanoporous Membrane Fabrication by Nanoimprint Lithography for Nanoparticles Sieving

by A. Sabirova, C. F. Florica, F. Pisig Jr, A. Syed, U. Buttner, X. Li, And S. P. Nunes
Year: 2022 ISSN: 10.1039/D1NA00812A DOI: 10.1039/D1NA00812A

Extra Information

Nanoscale Adv., 2022, 4, 1119-1124


An isoporous membrane with strictly controlled pore size, shape and distribution could provide an efficient, precise and mild sieving of particles in nanotechnology and biomedical applications. However there is a lack of highly porous polymeric membranes combining isoporosity and high permeance in the range below 500 nm. Track-etched membranes are practically the only commercial option. Membranes prepared by phase inversion typically have a broad pore size distribution. Most nanofabrication methods have limited the preparation of membranes with pores in the micrometer range. In this work, we present a nanotechnology-based fabrication methodology to manufacture a stable and flexible nanoporous polymeric membrane with 300 nm isopores using UV nanoimprint lithography. The highly porous membrane has a pore density of 4x109 pores per cm2 and stable permeance of 108 000 L m2/h/bar . Uniform ZIF-8 nanoparticles were synthesized and the isoporous membrane successfully demonstrated as high as 100% rejection and size-based sieving performance of nanoparticles.